Part IV Of Buffett’s Outer Banks Adventure

January 28th, 2009

The fourth part of Jimmy Buffett’s recent Outer Banks Adventure is now up at Margaritaville.com. In this final installment, Jimmy writes about pirates and lighthouses, and his ventures on Ocracoke Island:

There was little daylight left as I disembarked on the south shore of Ocracoke from the W. Stanford White, so there was not much to see as I drove towards town and my place of rest for the night. Again, the campgrounds were closed and I had surfed the web for an interesting looking place to spend the night. It had been awhile since I had first dropped out of the sky here for lunch and my first look at the Outer Banks. Maybe the thing that had attracted me here in the first place, other than the unusual name, was the fact that Ocracoke’s history was significantly effected by two things that have always interested me very much – lighthouses and pirates, which meant I was on a “research expedition”.

Read Part IV in its entirety here.

(hat tip to Barefoot for passing this along)

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Part III of Jimmy’s Outer Banks Diary

January 1st, 2009

The third and final installment of Jimmy’s Outer Banks Diary is now up on Margaritaville.com. In it he discusses surfing, fishing on his stand up board, the use of vegetable oil as fuel, and his personal rules for fans coming up to him:

1) I won’t sign autographs when I am in the act of eating (drinking is okay). Eating is a sacrament to me, and something, which is never to be interrupted. In my world, it comes with the punishment of eternal damnation in the fires of hell (can’t get away from that Catholic thing).

2) As for photos, it all depends on your manners and what kind of mood I am in, and if I do take photos I ask that you keep them as personal keepsakes and not post them on the internet or blogs and not shared with the entire planet earth. A photo should be a keepsake, not a calling card.

3) Finally, I don’t want anybody bothering me when I am at home and that includes on my boat. Other than that, I feel that I am fair game and it is all just a part of the job, and I have found the vast majority of the time, fans I meet out there couldn’t be more respectful and mannerly and I do appreciate that. I still have a bit of a problem with that celebrity stuff as I do still only see myself as a beach boy, ex-altar boy from Mobile, who worked hard and got lucky and not much more. To me, it is just my job.

Read the entire diary entry here.

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Part II of Jimmy’s Outer Banks Diary

December 11th, 2008

The second part of Jimmy’s diary about his recent trip to the Outer Banks is now up at Margaritaville.com, including more photos.

In it, Jimmy discusses a wrecked surfboard, a morning sightseeing flight over the coast, and much more. Read it now. And stay tuned for the final part in the series.

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Buffett Writes About Recent Trip To The Outer Banks

November 30th, 2008

JB at First Flight Airport with his Cessna Caravan

Jimmy Buffett recently treked down the east coast for his annual pilgramige from New York to Florida and wrote about it in his online diary that you can read at Margaritaville.com. He flew his Cessna Caravan from New York’s East River down to First Flight Airport in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina… site of the Wright Brothers National Memorial. Jimmy describes what it’s like to be a pilot and visit the spot where the Wright Brothers first flew:

I am a creature of habit, and to me, the birthplace of aviation, is a place worth visiting more than once. In fact, I would say it is more than a photo op, a gift shop visit or buzzing the Wright Brothers Monument in your plane. It is a spiritual place to me, as powerful as Diamond Head or Machu Pichu in that regard. It is a sandy piece of land, where one can stand at the exact spot where man left the planet for the first time, and reflect in these troubled times, on what it means to soar above the earth and go traveling amongst the stars. Those kinds of thoughts are the things that separate pilots from passengers.

Buffett also writes about a great local seafood place, the throwback cottage that he stayed in, and the stand-up surfboard that he tried out on the trip.

Read the entire Outer Banks diary here. There are also several photos from Buffett’s trip on Margaritaville.com.

Jimmy says at the end of the diary entry that there will be a part II, and possibly a new song or two from this trip, so stay tuned!

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Buffett Vacations at the Outer Banks

November 14th, 2008

Real Kiteboarding of Cape Hatteras, NC has a writeup on Jimmy Buffett’s recent stop to the Outer Banks to do some surfing and fishing:

There’s not too many days that you get to take a session with someone as cool, laid back and talented as Jimmy Buffett. Two years ago we were lucky enough to bump into Jimmy in the British Virgin Islands and spent a day surfing head high point break waves with light offshore winds. Tons of long waves, big smiles and lifelong memories were had that day.

On Tuesday, November 10th, Jimmy Buffett caught up with us again at the new REAL Flagship Store in Cape Hatteras, NC. Jimmy was on a road trip from New York to Charleston, SC in his vegetable oil powered diesel 4×4 van nicknamed “The Green Tomato”.

Read the entire article here.

And here is a video from Real Kiteboarding that features a photo slideshow and some video of Buffett’s visit:

(hat tip to Tara for passing this along)

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