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Part IV Of Buffett’s Outer Banks Adventure

January 28th, 2009

The fourth part of Jimmy Buffett’s recent Outer Banks Adventure is now up at Margaritaville.com. In this final installment, Jimmy writes about pirates and lighthouses, and his ventures on Ocracoke Island:

There was little daylight left as I disembarked on the south shore of Ocracoke from the W. Stanford White, so there was not much to see as I drove towards town and my place of rest for the night. Again, the campgrounds were closed and I had surfed the web for an interesting looking place to spend the night. It had been awhile since I had first dropped out of the sky here for lunch and my first look at the Outer Banks. Maybe the thing that had attracted me here in the first place, other than the unusual name, was the fact that Ocracoke’s history was significantly effected by two things that have always interested me very much – lighthouses and pirates, which meant I was on a “research expedition”.

Read Part IV in its entirety here.

(hat tip to Barefoot for passing this along)

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