From Under My Lone Palm: Off To See The Lizard

April 22nd, 2009

In this month’s “From Under My Lone Palm”, Justin takes a look back at the 1989 album “Off To See The Lizard”:

“Off to See the Lizard” was an album that was actually never meant to be. In 1988, Jimmy had released “Hot Water”, which once again failed to produce the major radio hit that Buffett seemed to desire. But the summer tour was once again a success, so Jimmy had that going for him. After all of that, Jimmy hadn’t planned to record a new album, no doubt because he just didn’t fill like it was time for it. But MCA had different plans. “There was a big push on me to make records with `star’ producers, but that didn’t excite me much,” Buffett said.

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From Under My Lone Palm: “Cambridge ’74”

November 25th, 2008

It’s time for the November edition of “From Under My Lone Palm”. This month, Justin digs deep into the archives and finds an interview that Jimmy did in 1974:

Ah, the off-season. Don’t it suck? November is here and once again it’s time for Jimmy to disappear to some place warm for the winter. Of course that leaves all of us parrotheads stuck to tough out cabin fever with nothing new from our hero for a few months. So as I was thinking about what to write about this month, I was of course stuck without anything new happening. So with nothing new to work with, I looked through my archives for something old. And old I found. Below you will find a transcript of an interview Jimmy did with some radio station in Massachusetts in what I would guess to be sometime in April or May 1974.

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