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From Under My Lone Palm: The Nashville Show

June 7th, 2010

Justin’s back this month with a new From Under My Lone Palm. This time it’s on his experience at the Nashville “Flood Show”:

I don’t know about the rest of you but when I decide to go to a show, of any artist, I always hope I catch ‘that’ show. You know, the one where everybody remarks about how great the set list or performance was. So naturally when I made plans to see Jimmy again for the first time in three years, I hoped for something special. I got it, but not in the way I thought I would.

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From Under My Lone Palm: Somewhere Over China

October 13th, 2009

This month marks one year that Justin has been writing his From Under My Lone Palm columns. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading them.

Justin writes about the “Somewhere Over China” album in this month’s column:

On January 19, 1982, “Somewhere Over China,” Jimmy’s new release, hit your favorite record store. The album represented a critical point in Jimmy’s career-”Margaritaville” was 5 years ago, and MCA was looking for the next hit single. Sure, Jimmy had been able to score minor hits in-between, but the window for Jimmy being a superstar was getting smaller with each album it seemed. It wasn’t all Jimmy’s fault-as he once put it, “Music changed on us almost overnight, and the singer/songwriter breed who populated the music scene of the seventies seemed to be headed for the proverbial “elephant burial ground.” While chart success hadn’t been there, touring had alaways been a strong point for Jimmy, and that was something that hadn’t changed. Jimmy’s cult following continued to flock to shows and Jimmy continued to please them by playing over 300 shows a year. But this constant cyle of no hit records and lots of touring had begun to wear on the band, and it showed in Jimmy’s writing on the album.

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From Under My Lone Palm: Country Cookin’

August 31st, 2009

Time again for the monthly column by BuffettWorld contributor Justin. In this month’s From Under My Lone Palm, he chronicles an interview with Country Cookin’ that occurred at an important time in Buffett’s career:

For this month’s piece I had to look deep into my archives. I admit I had several other ideas for things I wanted to tell you all about, but those just didn’t get finished for this time around. But there’s always next time. Anyway, this month we are gonna go back to the early seventies again. Looking back, how could anyone not love this time in music? Below you will find a transcript of an interview Jimmy did with Lee Arnold for the Country Cookin’ radio show. This interview took place immediately after Jimmy’s performance at Willie Nelson’s second annual picnic on July 4, 1974, at the Texas World Speedway.

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From Under My Lone Palm: “Save The Manatee”

July 27th, 2009

Time for another installment of From Under My Lone Palm. This month Justin provides a full and detailed history of Jimmy Buffett’s involvement in saving the manatees:

It seems Jimmy began his quest to ’save the manatee’ on February 17, 1981 at a show in Tallahassee, FL. Then Florida Gov. Bob Graham met up with Jimmy and Jimmy expressed his interest in saving the mammal to him. Bob had heard Jimmy’s song “Growing Older But Not Up” and that had peaked his interest. A new federally funded Manatee Advisory Committee had been set up, and since Jimmy couldn’t be apart of that, Jimmy and Bob put together the “Save the Manatee” committee. So on May 26, 1981, the first meeting of the “Save the Manatee” committee took place in Tallahassee.

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From Under My Lone Palm: A Lovely Cruise Aboard The Tom Sawyer

June 29th, 2009

Another month, another column by Justin. This time it’s about the 1976 show that Jimmy Buffett played aboard the Tom Sawyer:

By 1976, Buffett was on album number four for ABC/Dunhill, “Havana Daydreamin’.” It had dropped in January that of that year after being delayed for reasons still unknown. During a show in September of ‘75, Jimmy had mentioned that he wanted to relase the album on Christmas day. That didn’t happen, and it was likely because of the last second switch from “Please Take Your Drunken 15 year old Girlfriend Home” to “Cliches,” no doubt because “Cliches” was not quite as risque. Regardless, the album continued to build momentum for Jimmy, and he and the evolving Coral Reefer Band began to play some bigger gigs and even headlining some shows. Jimmy had opened for Joe Cocker at a couple of Florida Festivals in March and Loggins and Messina in Florida in June. He played to 40,000 at the Superdome in New Orleans on the 4th of July as part of an all day bill that included the likes of the Charlie Daniels Band, Emmylou Harris, and John Sebastian. He played a few more festivals along the way including the Banjo, Fiddle, and Guitar festival in Long Beach, CA in April and the Night in the Country festival in Baton Rouge, LA in October. But sandwiched in-between all of that was a special one night cruise aboard the Tom Sawyer on July 11.

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