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Margaritaville Coffee Officially Unveiled

September 6th, 2011

We told you about it a couple weeks ago, but now Margaritaville has officially unveiled its new coffee line and it’s available for purchase now!

Margaritaville Coffee comes in five flavors: State of Mind (medium/dark roast), Latitude/Attitude (light/medium roast), Pirate Gold (dark roast), Sunrise in Paradise (light/medium roast) and License to Chill (decaf medium/dark roast).

Each flavor is priced at $7.48 per 12oz package. Purchase Margaritaville Coffee now!

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Margaritaville Foods Introduces Frozen Chicken Chunks

May 24th, 2010

Margaritaville Foods is adding to their line of frozen chicken products, this time with frozen chicken chunks:

Margaritaville Foods recently launched the newest addition to the portfolio of island-inspired food and beverage products, Margaritaville all-natural, breaded chicken breast chunks, at the 2010 Food Marketing Institute Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The newest Margaritaville Chicken line of products includes 3 flavors of fully cooked, frozen and easy to prepare breaded chicken breast chunks. Each chicken breast chunk item is sold in a 25 oz. bag and includes 2 sauce packets with flavors and spices inspired by Island cuisine. The flavors include Island Buffalo, Sweet & Sour Mango and Spicy Orange. The two packets in each bag provide ample sauce perfect for tossing and/or dipping the product.

“We received excellent feedback on our new chicken products from buyers and guests of the FMI show and look forward to consumers having the same reaction now that the product is in stores,” says Joe Ferraro, Vice President Marketing and Sales. “We believe the Margaritaville Chicken line is an excellent complement to our frozen seafood, chips and salsa, salt rimmers and mixers, Paradise Key Teas and Landshark Lager.”

Visit MargaritavilleFoods.com to see all of their products.

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Another Margaritaville Product: Frozen Chicken Wings

February 3rd, 2010

Margaritaville Foods has been coming out with new products left and right lately, and today they announced another offering: