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Buffett to Open Chain of Margaritaville Funeral Homes

April 1st, 2017

Jimmy Buffett recently announced plans for a 55-and-older retirement community in Daytona Beach called Latitude Margaritaville. And with another new addition to his business empire unveiled today, Buffett is inching closer to a full cradle-to-the-grave parrothead experience:

Want to live and die (literally) in 3/4 time? Soon you’ll be able to at a Margaritaville Funeral Home. Jimmy Buffett’s iconic brand will delve into the funeral business beginning next year in Florida, with plans to expand nationwide in the coming years.

“Bringing the parrothead lifestyle to end-of-life services is a natural progression for the Margaritaville brand,” said Archie Priestly, CEO of Margaritaville Holdings. “We are excited to bring to the funeral experience the fun and escapism that Margaritaville has to offer.”

The newest Buffett venture will offer many unique products and services. The “Volcano Memorial Experience” will shoot your loved one’s ashes into the air from a small model volcano. “The Night [insert Grandpa, Dad, etc] Painted The Sky” fireworks package will place the cremation ashes into a firework to be shot off at a memorial service.

Margaritaville Funeral Homes will also offer a blown glass package, where glassblowing artisans create shot glasses and margarita glasses using your loved one’s ashes. Each purchase of the Margaritaville Blown Glass package includes an extra glass that will be put into circulation at one of the many Margaritaville restaurants.

Each location will have an in-house Buffett tribute band available to play your loved one’s favorite Jimmy songs, albeit slightly modified versions to fit the occasion. Examples include “We Are The People Our Parents Left Behind,” “I Heard I Was No Longer In Town,” “Wonder Why I Never Came Home,” “I Used to Have Mama One Time,” and “A Pirate Looks at St. Peter.”

Daytona Beach resident Justin Dantz looks forward to the services offered by Buffett’s newest venture: “I usually don’t get too excited about things,” he said. “In fact I can be quite a curmudgeon sometimes. But man I can’t wait ’til the day I get laid down in the Havana Eternal Daydreamin’ premium casket!” Mr. Dantz then proceeded to yell profanities at a nearby cloud for momentarily blocking the sun.

The first Margaritaville Funeral Home location will open in 2018 across the street from the Latitude Margaritaville retirement community.

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