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Buffett Was Pumped Up at Miami Heat Game

June 10th, 2014

Jimmy Buffett was at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on Tuesday night for game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. At one point in the game, a few celebrities in attendance were shown on the big screen and on the television broadcast, including an excited Jimmy.

The popular sports website SBnation.com, known for creating animated GIF’s (a looping animated image file, similar to a video) of sports-related moments, created one of Jimmy: “Jimmy Buffett is way too excited the Heat are losing”

Rick Ross gave a strong look. Lenny Kravitz smoldered. Jimmy Buffett did … this.

The man famous for that song they play at minor league baseball games had the camera on him for just a little too long during Game 3 on Tuesday night and things got a little weird.

Meanwhile, the Heat are wasting away again.

Here’s a Vine that shows a little bit more of Jimmy:

The Heat lost 111-92 and trail the Spurs two games to one in the Finals.

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