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Margaritaville Casino Gaming Area Opens in Vegas Today

October 1st, 2011

After years of deals being made and deals falling through, you’ll finally be able to drop a coin in a Margaritaville slot machine today as the Margaritaville gaming area at the Flamingo casino opens in Las Vegas.

The 15,000-square-foot “casino within a casino” features 22 gaming tables, 220 slot machines and a centerpiece “5 O’clock Somewhere” bar. Palm trees double as pillars, tiki huts poke from the ceiling and a giant margarita blender decorates an entrance.

Friday, staff put the finishing touches on the $10 million casino. Workers swept up dust as dealers in Hawaiian shirts and bikini-clad cocktail servers toured the floor.

The mini-casino links the main Flamingo casino floor with the resort’s 8-year-old Margaritaville restaurant. Caesars staff oversaw gaming decisions, and Margaritaville officials designed the space.

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