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Margaritaville Beach Hotel Opens Today

June 28th, 2010

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Beach Hotel in Pensacola, Florida officially opens its doors today at 4 pm, according to WINK News. The hotel hosted an open house on Sunday and reportedly had a very large turnout.

“It makes a world of difference to us,” says a nearby restaurant owner. “For this establishment to be as beautiful as it is, and open at the time it does, it’s inspirational to me and my fellow businessmen who’ve been here for years and years, that we will survive, we will make it. We’ve got confidence that some of the big wigs and big powers are with us.”

With so much of Florida’s economy based on tourism, the hotel also is a sweet song to Governor Charlie Crist.

“Jimmy Buffett’s a great Floridian, he cares a lot about our state, clearly cares a lot about our environment. But his entrepreneurial spirit cannot be put down, no matter what. And that encourages a lot of people,” Crist said.

Go to WINK News to watch a 3 minute video story on the open house. It contains some great shots of both the interior and exterior of the hotel.

Visit www.margaritavillehotel.com for more info.

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