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Margaritaville Nashville Likely to Clear Hurdles

April 14th, 2010

Documents posted online by the Nashville Metro Historic Zoning Commission say that with a few minor modifications, Margaritaville’s plans for a restaurant and bar at the former site of a Planet Hollywood on Broadway will be approved:

The windows and signs proposed by Margaritaville’s developers should be approved with conditions, the staff said in materials posted online in advance of the commission’s April 21 meeting.

“The existing display windows are not original,” the analysis says. “Based on other historic storefronts and the attached historic image, each bay of the façade had one sheet of clear glass. The applicant proposes to replace the existing non-historic display windows with a folding clear glass wall. …

“Although each window is actually multiple panels of glass, together they will read as one large piece of glass. Staff recommends approving these windows as a test case to determine how well they simulate the character of a storefront window once installed and to assess their durability before approving this system for any other projects.”

The documents posted online have several artists renderings of signage and overall look of the restaurant. Notice that the official logo has a Nashville flair to it.

Here are other pictures from the documents:

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