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Full Tennessean Interview with Buffett

February 21st, 2010

The Tennessean has posted their full interview with Jimmy Buffett from a few days ago that was featured in this article about his new Margaritaville Cafe in Nashville.

In the full interview, Jimmy discusses how important Nashville is, and how deep his roots run there. He also talks about why he hasn’t played Nashville in several years (because they closed the outdoor venue).

On performing at the new cafe when it opens, Jimmy says “There’s always that chance. Let’s just say the track record, if you look back, I think I’ve played every one of them. The only one I haven’t played in is Panama City, and I’m going to do that pretty soon. I’ve got to do it when I come in and out. And it’s fun, it’s fun to have people you see there and to go back and do them. I was a bar player from the beginning, and I still kind of think of myself as a bar player.”

Read the full interview here.

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