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Introducing Paradise Key Iced Tea

September 23rd, 2009

It’s another product offering from Jimmy Buffett!

Paradise Key by Margaritaville is a new line of ‘All Natural’ brewed teas that debuted to the public Monday night at Landshark Stadium.

The finest black, green and red teas are selected from around the world and then brewed to perfection. Sweetened with just the right amount of pure cane sugar and then flavored with real fruit. The fruit named on the the label is actually in the bottle.

Available in four delicious flavors: Black Tea with Lemon; Tropical Black Tea; Green Tea with Citrus; and Diet Peach Red Tea.

Whether you sip them them slowly while relaxing in your hammock or gulp one down to quench your thirst after surfing, you are going to love Paradise Key Iced Tea….from Margaritaville naturally!

Limited availability at store near you in the South East soon.

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