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Go Green At Margaritaville Store

March 27th, 2009

From Margaritaville.com:

100% Organic garments and environmentally friendly inks were used to produce this product.

Margaritaville is on a journey toward environmental responsibility and sustainability and encourage others to get involved. The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden is the only “frost-free” botanical garden in the continental United States. A tropical environment with ample rain allows most trees to retain their leaves in the dry season (December through late May).

It is home to many endangered and threatened flora and fauna. Tropical forests of the world hold at least half of all the variety of life on Earth. Moreover, the species found with the Caribbean are among the richest in plant and animal life on the planet. The Margaritaville Store is proud to donate $1.00 from the sale of this T’shirt and pleased to participate in this effort. Purchase Here.

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