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Article on Buffett’s business empire

July 6th, 2007

The International Herald Tribune has a good article on Jimmy Buffett’s business empire: “Spotlight: Margaritaville is Jimmy Buffett’s empire”

Buffett said he owed much of his business acumen to the early days of his career, when, as a reporter for Billboard, the music magazine, he learned that a knowledge of business was a necessity for performing artists. The reason, he said, was that the music industry was not structured to meet the artist’s best interests.

He has also taken a page out of the book of another Buffett: Warren, the billionaire investor and a longtime friend. Jimmy Buffett said he valued the concept of “management in place” that he learned from watching Berkshire Hathaway: Hire competent people, then “just let them do it.”

Read the entire article here.

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