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Article on Making of “Hoot”

April 6th, 2006

The Hollywood Report has a thorough article on “Hoot” director Will Shriner and the making of the movie. It mentions Jimmy’s involvement a couple of times. Here are excerpts from the article that include Buffett.

Talking recently to Shriner about how the movie reached the screen, he explained, “It all began about 2 1/2 years ago in Key West. I met with Carl Hiaasen and Jimmy Buffett over a fish sandwich. Jimmy had bought the rights to ‘Hoot’ the book from his fishing buddy Carl.

And when we wanted to start shooting the movie (we were told), ‘You can’t get the owls. They’re protected. You can’t use them. You can’t touch ’em. You can’t have them in your movie.’ So then we were like, ‘Well, what do we do? Are we going to have to do it with puppets?’

“We were like in mid-June (and saying) ‘What are we going to do?’ We were in a bind and through the National Wildlife Federation and some of Jimmy’s contacts we were able to get a waiver to train these owls and use these rehab owls because the real ones are protected and obviously you can’t mess with them.

The article is a good read on the development of the movie. Check it out in its entirety here.

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