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The Songwriters Joint Present: The Fool Button Podcast

March 17th, 2023

”Our Show Goes Haywire.” Join Jay Surf and Twan as they discuss legendary singer/songwriter, Jimmy ”Marvin Gardens” Buffett and all of his songwriting friends. The series will cover albums, tours, songs, bootleg shows, and everything in between. Plus, you never know when the show will go haywire or who will pop in.

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Episode 1: Good Times And Riches And Son Of A…

Jay Surf and Twan share how they discovered Jimmy and his music. In addition, they reflect back to the early ’90s and 2000s on first show experiences, their friendship, and finally discuss the downfall of a previous company.

Episode 2: Marvin Gardens

The Man, The Myth, The G.O.A.T. Marvin F’n Gardens.

Join Jay Surf and Twan as they discuss the history, folklore, and legend of Marvin Gardens. Who the hell was Marvin Gardens? To quote, “Mr. Buffett . It sort of became an on-running joke. ‘Fingers’ used to call him my alter-ego. It got so bad that some people even wondered if they were actually two people or just one of us.”

Episode 3: Live By The Bay

Back home in South Florida…Jay Surf and Twan discuss the legendary 1985 show Live By The Bay. They discuss the setlist, the birth of the “Parrothead” era, and their favorite moments from Miami. Also, find out how Twan saw Jimmy side stage in the late 90s, and Jay Surf shares his hilarious helicopter story involving Jimmy. Grab your favorite drink as the guys cruise past Coconut Grove. Stop off at Alabama Jacks and get them a cool Corona beer maybe. Stop in Key Largo. Tavernier. Duck key. Marathon. Sugar Loaf. Big Pine. All down to Key West, Florida where they can get anything they want – drive right off the end of this episode!

Episode 4: The Harpoon G.O.A.T. – Greg “Fingers” Taylor

“In a flash, a man with a hat and a harmonica stormed the stage…” Join Jay Surf and Twan as they discuss the legendary harmonica player, Greg “Fingers” Taylor. Jay shares his love for Finger’s sound, Twan tells us his experiences at small shows with Greg and other Coral Reefers and they discuss just how special he was to the CRB and music in general. Plus you never know when the show will just go haywire! Be sure to follow The Songwriters Joint on all social media for #FingersFriday


Jay Surf and Twan are back at it again and are joined by the legendary Bob “Lip Balm” Liberman who was Jimmy Buffett’s tour manager for nearly two decades. The group discusses how Lip Balm got involved in the music business, the recording of the Volcano album in Montserrat, and the wild tales of the 70s and 80s Coral Reefer Band. You truly had to be there but the next best thing is to give this episode a listen. Plus, as always, you never know when the show will just go haywire.

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