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Margarillas Recap Boston Show

June 23rd, 2013

The Margarillas have a great recap of Saturday in Boston:

The Crew arrived at the Comcast Center at 7:15am to kick off breakfast and start load in. It felt good to see the trucks unloading knowing we were back on the road putting a full production show together. Best weather in a while outside of Boston as the sun was shining all day and the humidity forgot to show up! Our Boston crowds are one of the best. They are full on and when we come to town it takes a lot of energy from JB, the Coral Reefers and Crew to make it happen. There’s something about the crowd energy and level of tailgating at Great Woods (now Comcast Center) that didn’t leave a moment to spare when building the big top of this year’s St. Somewhere circus.

JB and the band took a longer soundcheck than normal going over a number of songs. The Paradise Lounge One Fund charity show on Thursday helped kick the rust off but that show was a bit looser. Club shows for Bubba bring him back to his element, just like those early days in New Orleans and Key West, and if you’ve been to one you’d see JB is relaxed, shooting from the hip and having fun winging it. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t put any planning into them. On the contrary, Jimmy is like Peyton Manning when it comes to looking back at old set lists from over the years in a certain city, walking out on stage, and reading his audience. Club gigs are just a bar type setting that JB is all too comfortable with and it harkens back to the days when he passed around a hat to get paid at Captain Tony’s. JB understands what Margaritaville’s arrival in Boston means every year and he and the Reefers know they have to be on their game when matching the 19,000 plus parrotheads’ enthusiasm.

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