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President Obama Calls out Uncle Jim

July 13th, 2012

Coral Reefer Band bass player Jim Mayer, who goes by the name Uncle Jim, was “called out” by President Obama today and Jim responded on his blog.

The president said “So just in case some of your friends or neighbors or Uncle Jim is a little stubborn, has been watching Fox News, if he thinks that, somehow I raised taxes, let’s just be clear, we’ve lowered taxes for middle class families…”

Here’s an excerpt from Uncle Jim’s blog:

Today, Uncle Jim Mayer stepped into the middle of an international media firestorm when he heard Obama falsely accuse him of being stubborn and watching Fox News.

Upon hearing the news, Uncle Jim responded: “Dear President Obama, let’s be REALLY clear, I don’t watch Fox News, I’m not stubborn, but I AM Funky as a Diaper!”

Uncle Jim further invited President Obama to join him on stage any time, anywhere he brings his anti-bullying message to children during his internationally acclaimed live shows…to set the record straight – and perhaps even sing a chorus of “IM4U.”

(hat tip Ken)

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