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Margaritaville Online By The Numbers

April 27th, 2012

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Online game has garnered quite the following in the few months that it has been out, and even earned Best Social / Casual Game at the Canadian Videogame Awards recently.

The game’s developer has released some impressive stats from the game:

Players from 210 countries have played the game since its launch at the beginning of the year, and have logged a total of 2.997 million hours of playtime in total (that’s 341.9 years, if you do the math). While exploring the islands of MargaritaVille Online and clearing paths, players have destroyed 12.87 million bunches of bamboo, whacked 68.3 million crates, barrels and rocks, and netted 14.28 million items from the backs of their boats. Treasure hunters have dug up 4.68 million items, and fashionistas have customized their avatar’s clothing 618,000 times as well.

In terms of the game’s mini-games, like its take on Bejeweled or Simon, those have received just as much love from players, as the five currently available puzzles have been played 2.6 million times in total. It’s no surprise that the Bejeweled-inspired game “Hammock Time” has received the most plays, as it’s available early on in the game, and hey, who doesn’t love a good match-three puzzle? Here’s the breakdown by activity:

Hammock Time – 591,890 plays
Limbo – 312,414 plays
Pirates – 1,349,381 plays
Steel Drums – 139,136 plays
Tile Puzzles – 207,041 plays

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