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Jimmy Appears with Warren Buffett at Student Luncheon

April 17th, 2012

While Jimmy Buffett was in Omaha last week he made a surprise appearance at a luncheon for college students hosted by Warren Buffett.

At the luncheon a “reserved” sign was posted across from Buffett and in between Schumacher and Inschauspe. Buffett excused himself from the UW table to address the entire luncheon crowd, announcing, “This has all been a setup. I am not the real Buffett.”

To the surprise of the crowd, in walked Jimmy Buffett, a close personal friend of the other Buffett.

With guitar in hand, Jimmy Buffett went to the end of the UW students’ table, put one foot up on a chair and broke into “Smart Woman (In a Real Short Skirt)” followed by “Margaritaville,” the song that made him famous.

“During lunch, we heard a few stories from their friendship, and learned that out of curiosity, they’ve checked through DNA tests to see if they were related — they’re not,” Schumacher says.

“It was so awesome to have Jimmy Buffett playing two feet in front of us and, on top of that, to sit right next to him and right across from Warren Buffett at lunch,” Inschauspe says. “By far, one of the best experiences in my life.”

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