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Buffett Offers Thanks to Space Shuttle Workers

September 3rd, 2011

On Thursday in Houston a ceremony was held for space shuttle workers commemorating the end of the shuttle era, and Jimmy Buffett (presumably via recorded message) was one of the celebrities who offered up their thanks:

“We’re here to celebrate an incredible 30-year run,” NASA Administrator and former shuttle astronaut Charles Bolden said, addressing the thousands of JSC workers and their families who came out for the “Salute Our Space Shuttle: Foundation for Our Future” celebration. “All of you need to leave here tonight with your chest stuck out as proud as you can be because we have done something that no one else was ever able to do and no one will ever do again.”

In addition to Bolden, the event included tributes delivered both in-person and by video from space shuttle program managers, astronauts and celebrities. Representatives of the Houston Astros and Aeros sports teams, actor Seth Green, singer Jimmy Buffett, Sesame Street’s Elmo and late night talk show host Jay Leno all offered their thanks for the shuttle.

“Thank you for your dedication, your inspiration and vision on the incredible space shuttle program,” Leno said in a video recorded from the set of “The Tonight Show.” “For over 30 years, you guys have amazed and educated, opened our eyes to the wonders of space travel and the benefits brought to our everyday lives.”

Jimmy was in attendance at the final space shuttle launch back in July. After the launch he played a show for shuttle workers outside of the Vehicle Assembly Building.

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