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Buffett’s Daughter Launches Clothing Line

July 17th, 2011

The Miami Herald has an article on Savannah Buffett, Jimmy’s eldest daughter, who just launched a clothing line called A1A:

The 32-year-old has launched an apparel brand called A1A, inspired by her legendary dad’s 1974 album. She also runs a namesake website, which offers recommendations on living the good life. She talked to us about her Parrothead-y world:

What inspired you to start a fashion line?

I started A1A as sort of an offering for people around my age and people from around Florida. Part of it is a love letter to the state. and a part of it takes its inspiration from my dad’s work — the old-school days of him being down in Key West and Miami and that vintage, throwback feel of what sort of made him who he was.

You started an “anti-socialite’s blog’’ www.savannahbuffett.com. What is that about?

I wanted to make it my Internet island of cool stuff from everything to travel recommendations to music recommendations and everything in between. I consider myself a ‘lifestylist’ so it’s about life, turning people onto to music and to travel. People can look at certain cities I visited to find some spots they wouldn’t necessarily find otherwise. Whenever I travel I know I like to know a local or find a local to give me the inside info. I always have that internal fear of being a tourist. [Laughs]. Not that there’s anything wrong with tourists!

Read more here.

Be sure to check out her website too.

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