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Buffett Attends NYPD Foundation Gala

June 3rd, 2011

Jimmy Buffett was in New York City Thursday night for the 40th annual New York City Police Foundation charity gala:

On Thursday night, they were at the Waldorf-Astoria because the New York City Police Foundation held its 40th annual gala and honored Ron Perelman, in an event that raised nearly $2.3 million, according to an event representative.

An audience of 700 guests, including Michael Douglas, gaming-resort developer Richard T. Fields, Chevy Chase, Jimmy Buffett and Penny Marshall enjoyed a four-song Jon Bon Jovi concert.

But wait, wasn’t rock ‘n’ roll supposed to rebel against the law?

According to Mr. Buffett, that’s passé. “One of the great things in rock ‘n’ roll is you get a police escort,” he said. “There are many times I’ve been stopped by them, so it’s nice to be led by them.” He remembered once seeing a Grateful Dead sticker on an NYPD cop car and thinking to himself, “You know? It might be time to get over our ’60s mentality—the pigs versus hippies thing.”

In fact, what was apparent at the gala was that an awful lot of police officers have entertainment impulses, and an awful lot of entertainers have law-enforcement impulses.

“I’d want to be a helicopter pilot,” said Mr. Buffett.

Buffett with Kevin Jonas

Jon Bon Jovi, Buffett, Raymond Kelly, and Michael Douglas

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