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Tailgating Banned at Jiffy Lube Live

May 15th, 2011

Jiffy Lube Live (formerly Nissan Pavilion) appears to be serious about no tailgating this year:

Spokespeople for Jiffy Lube and its owner Live Nation didn’t return phones and emails late this week. But Prince William County police confirm that the Bristow concert venue is cracking down on partying in the parking lot. No pop-up tents, no portable grills and absolutely no alcohol.

There has always been a rule against drinking in the parking lot. But now the outdoor amphitheater is adopting a “no tolerance” policy when it comes to drinking and tailgating.

Fans buying tickets for shows this season were surprised to see “No Tailgating” stamped on their stubs. On its Facebook page, Jiffy Lube Live writes that safety, and abiding by Virginia’s law banning public alcohol consumption, prompted the change.

“The safety of the fans is of paramount importance and we have an ongoing commitment to work with the local police department on all shows to ensure a safe environment for all of our fans. As part of this commitment, it has been determined that it is in the best interest of the fans and their overall experience at the venue to not allow tailgating.”

Fans, particularly “Parrotheads” who flock to Jimmy Buffett shows, have flooded Jiffy Lube Live’s Facebook page with complaints. They’ve even started a Facebook page of their own called “Boycott Jiffy Lube Live Tailgating Policy.”

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