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Jim Mayer Blogging Australia Tour Leg

January 20th, 2011

Coral Reefer bass guitarist Jim Mayer is blogging his adventures traveling to Australia for the upcoming Down Under tour leg:

It all started early Monday morning. Coral Reefers from around the country were up and moving toward the Hotlanta Airport with our destination, summer time in Sydney Australia, the land called Oz, clearly in our sights.

Peter, Mac and I met up with Nadirah Shakoor and John Lovell and our posse of crew and techs, all good folks and friends for the first leg of our journey, a stop-over in LA. You can imagine the scene, over half of the First Class section filled with the Buffett group. There were movies, chatter and lots of snacks and refreshments. (Let the party begin!)

With the sun long gone on it’s way to the Far Side of the World we took off from LA, enjoyed several movies, some more snacks and some seriously good zzzzzzzs. Before we knew it we were in Sydney where we met up with the rest of the gang that had converged on this incredible city, hopped a huge bus named Jimmy Buffett and were off to our hotel.

Check out the full blog entry here, and read the entry on the first full day in Australia here.

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