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Jimmy Visits Southern Miss, Headed to Saints Game

September 9th, 2010

As we tweeted out earlier today, Jimmy Buffett visited the campus of Southern Miss today to discuss a couple of projects he’s working on with the university:

After he and [school president Martha] Saunders had lunch in the Trent Lott Center, Saunders gave Buffett a tour of campus, and the two talked with students outside the Administration Building.

“I wanted to come back and see my old campus,” Buffett said. “It’s been a while. Some things have definitely changed, and some things haven’t.”

Buffett said he came through Hattiesburg on business, but he will be having some fun as well. “I’m on my way down to see the Saints game,” he said.

Buffett told the students he graduated from USM on the same day as President Saunders. “I have the program to prove it,” Saunders joked.

Before going into the Administration Building, Buffett said, “I’ve never seen the President’s office… but I’ve seen the dean’s office a few times.”

As Saunders and Buffett left the students, Buffett told them, “Y’all get back to class.”

Back in June Jimmy visited the university’s Gulf Coast Research Center. He had donated boats to them to help in the gulf oil spill cleanup.

Buffett with President Martha Saunders. Photo by Steve Rouse

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