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Share Your Parrothead Story

July 14th, 2010

Do you have a parrothead story to tell? Submit your story in lyrics and it could become part of a song! Vicki at the Examiner has more:

Are you living your life like a tale from Margaritaville? Have you met Jimmy Buffett or do you have a Parrot Head story that could be the verse of a tropical song? If so, here’s your chance to add a few verses to the “ParrotHead Story” song.

Drummer/songwriter and author (check out his book here), Mark Nemcek came up with the idea for the “ParrotHead Story” song about a year ago while reminiscing with his wife about a vacation they had a few years back in Key West. It was a cold and dreary day and they decided to go to the original Sloppy Joes. They were greeted by Captain Tony Tarracino himself. The place was empty and their entertainment for the day was free drinks and the privilege to hear the Captain’s stories (true or not) about Jimmy Buffett. If you’re a Buffett fan, you’ll know this was (almost) as magical as spending a day with Jimmy himself.

”The song popped into my head “I have a ParrotHead Story, I’m sure you have one too…” says Nemcek. When he hooked up with guitar buddy, Dave Rubinstein and vocal master and recent acquaintance, Marcel Rasa, he came up with the idea to create a song and give Buffett fans and songwriters the chance to come up with their own lyrics. The joined together to bring this project to reality and are now taking contest submissions for the “fan verse”. “Yes, I have a Parrothead Story,” said Nemcek. “But you have some great ones, too.”

So, here’s your chance Parrot Heads… turn your memorable concert, tailgating or Parrot Head party memory into a song verse and submit it (free of charge of course) to the “ParrotHead Story” song contest. Three winners will be selected by September 30, 2010 and the best verse will be used in the final studio recording. Here is your chance to be like Jimmy Buffett and have your life and words become music. The winner will be announced at “Meeting of the Minds”, the Annual Parrot Head Convention, this November in Key West. The winners will also be rewarded some cool Margaritaville loot.

Visit ParrotheadStory.com to submit your lyrics.

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