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Buffett Gets LeBron

July 8th, 2010

King James is now a member of the Miami Heat, and that’s sure to make the King Parrothead very happy. After ridiculous weeks-long hype, LeBron James announced on Thursday night that he would sign with the Heat.

Jimmy Buffett has been a long-time fan of the south Florida NBA team. He’s often seen at home games with his son Cameron (picture right) and is friends with team president and former coach Pat Riley.

A Miami Heat game in 2001 was the site of one of the most famous incidents in Buffett’s personal life. While attending a game, Buffett cursed at referee Joe Forte who then ejected him:

It was a bad call. It still is a rotten call! John Starks clobbered Tim Hardaway. It was a close game. I just said you stupid, mother——, that is the worst call I ever heard. People yell all the time but he turned at me. Normally, referees do not make eye contact. So while he did not come over to me, he told the local security guard. By then the crowd was getting into it. Pat Reilly was on the bench, asking ‘They are kicking you out of the game? Alonzo was like: Sit down. You stay there. I told the security guard. This is probably not a good idea. Then they came to me and said they would give the Heat a technical foul. So I said, okay, I’ll go.

Read more on the ejection and view pictures here.

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