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eBay to Remove Gulf Concert Ticket Listings

June 23rd, 2010

In a statement today, eBay said that they would remove all listings of tickets for the Jimmy Buffett Gulf Coast concert, and take steps to prevent them from being listed in the future.

From WKRG:

Free tickets to Jimmy Buffett’s Gulf Coast Relief Concert will be removed from eBay, according to a statement released by the company.

“While eBay in many cases allows the listing of event tickets that are initially distributed for free, we did not feel that the resale of free tickets to the Gulf Coast benefit concert was appropriate or consistent with the charitable spirit of the event,” the company said in a statement.

A spokesperson for the company said eBay is in the process of removing existing ticket listings from the website, and they have put “measures in place to try to capture new listings from going live.”

As of Wednesday afternoon a pair of concert tickets was still listed for more than $2400.

The article does not state what will happen with the tickets that were listed and then removed. If you were unable to get tickets this morning, you might continue to check TicketMaster as they may void sales that they can trace to scalpers and then make them available again.

Also, Alabama Governor Bob Riley is looking into the matter:

“Our office is asking questions about what happened because the purpose of this event is to benefit the Gulf Coast, not ticket scalpers,” said Riley spokesman Todd Stacy.

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