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Atlanta Soundcheck Report

April 27th, 2010

Jimmy live streamed some of the soundcheck again today in Atlanta. Spoiler Alert – don’t read on unless you want to know what some of the songs are that will be played tonight.

The USTREAM feed went live a little after 3 pm ET, and the first song rehearsed was “Take Another Road,” followed by “Tampico Trauma.” Neither of these were played on Saturday night in Tampa.

Then Zac Brown came out and joined Jimmy for Zac’s song “Where The Boat Comes From.” They then practiced “A Pirate Looks At Forty,” with Zac and Jimmy taking turns singing verses like on the CMT Crossroads episode. It was impromptu… you could hear Jimmy ask Zac if he wanted to sing on “Pirate” and also “Margaritaville.” Following that was “Last Man Standing.”

Video from the beginning of the soundcheck is available for playback. It shows Jimmy and the band practicing “Take Another Road”. View it now. It may only be available for a short time, so watch it now!

After soundcheck, Jimmy pulled out his iPad and chatted along in the USTREAM chat room:

Several fans asked about North Carolina tour dates. Jimmy responded saying that they played South Carolina in February and would be back to the Carolinas next year.

Be sure to tune into Radio Margaritaville for the show tonight. Check the USTREAM channel too… they streamed portions of the Tampa show.

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