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Buffett on his Upcoming “Encores” Album

April 14th, 2010

LiveDaily has an article on Jimmy Buffett’s upcoming live acoustic album “Encores”:

“‘Encores’ is a collection of well known and not so well known songs that I think provide a happy ending to a musical meal … and dessert has always been my favorite,” Buffett wrote in the album’s accompanying liner notes. “I had this idea that we should offer a little more in the way of dessert than we had done in previous years. This collection of ‘lasts’ is a first in a way. In putting it together, my original thought was to just make a collection of these moments. Once assembled and listened to as a set, it came to me, that it is probably the longest encore in history; but in these difficult days in difficult times, maybe a whole bunch of happy endings is really not a bad thing.”

Read the full article here.

You can pre-order “Encores” now at Walmart.com for $12.00. View the track list here.

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