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Jimmy Buffett’s New Album In Stores Today!

December 8th, 2009

The new album from Jimmy Buffett – Buffet Hotel – hits stores today!

It’s the first studio album from Buffett since Take The Weather With You was released October 10th, 2006. Since then he has released two live albums: Live at Texas Stadium and Live in Anguilla.

Named after an old colonial era train station/hotel in Timbuktu, “Buffet Hotel” features 12 songs and includes a 24-page booklet with lyrics and stories behind the songs.

Track List:

  1. Nobody From Nowhere
  2. Wings
  3. Big Top
  4. Beautiful Swimmers
  5. Turn Up The Heat and Chill The Rose
  6. Summerzcool
  7. Rhumba Man
  8. We Learned To Be Cool From You
  9. Surfing In a Hurricane
  10. Life Short Call Now
  11. Buffet Hotel
  12. A Lot To Drink About

Order the album from Amazon for only $7.99 or pick it up at your local retailer.

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