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Buffett Sings at Cronkite Memorial

September 9th, 2009

This morning Jimmy Buffett spoke briefly and performed at a memorial service for his friend Walter Cronkite in New York City.

Before singing “Son of a Son of a Sailor”, Buffett told a quick story about Ed Bradley and Cronkite:

Buffett, recounting the anchor’s response when he asked, on behalf of pal Ed Bradley, for Walter’s blessing to wear an earring on 60 Minutes. “He said, ‘It doesn’t matter where he wears an earring as long as it was a good story,'” Buffett recalled. “But he said, ‘If I was going to wear an earring on 60 Minutes, I’d wear one of those big, long hanging ones.”

Here’s video of the performance. Jimmy was joined by Mac McAnally and Mickey Hart:

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