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Boston Globe Interviews Buffett

June 25th, 2009

Jimmy Buffett is performing in Boston today and Saturday and the Boston Globe caught up to him recently for a short interview:

Q. You haven’t been afraid to let loose lately about the state of the country. What’s up with that?

A. There’s a lot of stupidity going around on all sides. The country bought it all, and I thought people needed to be reminded about how stupid they were. And it’s an ongoing saga. I can certainly put more verses in “A Lot to Drink About’’ as we go along. For instance, I noticed that the schools are closing in Los Angeles, but the Lakers were just given a parade. There’s no end to the crazy things going on.

Q. Did you get swept up in the Madoff scandal yourself?

A. No, it all smelled like a rat in the beginning. I guess I’ve worked with so many crooked promoters that I can smell ’em. Money made on moving money around never interested me.

Q. How has the recession affected your tour? Is this the year the bubble bursts and some people will not come to see you?

A. No, we’re doing great. Thank God there are people out there who like what we’re doing. They haven’t put us on a list of things they’re not going to do because of the economy. This is their vacation and they’re not going to give it up. They may not go to Florida or buy a new car, but they won’t miss our show. I wanted to find out right away, so we went on sale early with a Detroit show – they’ve been as hard hit as anywhere – and it sold out in 20 minutes. I’m very grateful.

Read the entire interview here.

The Boston Herald also has an article out today comparing Jimmy Buffett and Warren Buffett: “Mango and cash: Jimmy Buffett and Warren Buffett live in two different worlds … or do they?”

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