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Caption Contest Winner: Parrot

February 23rd, 2009

Congratulations to Parrot for winning the latest Buffett Caption Contest!

Here was the photo:

And here is Parrot’s winning caption:

“HEADLINE—- Jimmy Buffett leis Katie on morning television.”

Out of 525 votes cast, Parrot won decisively with 46% of the vote (241 votes).

Here are the full results:

  • “HEADLINE—- Jimmy Buffett leis Katie on morning television.” – Parrot (241 votes, 46%)
  • “You’re right Katie, Matt Lauer DOES look great in that cocconut bra and grass skirt!” – Crystal (123 votes, 23%)
  • “Gee Katie, don’t you wish you would have joined the Coral Reefers when I asked you instead of going to CBS news? Then you would be seen by thousands and not just dozens.” – Mike Koester (113 votes, 22%)
  • “Katie freezes during her “Reeferette” audition when Jimmy makes a surprise visit.” – customD28 (29 votes, 6%)
  • “Look, I knew it, Al Roker’s new diet…..cheeseburgers.” – Darren (19 votes, 4%)

View all of the 115 captions that were submitted here.

Thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who voted. We’ll do another contest in a couple weeks!

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