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Nadirah Shakoor’s New Album Out Today

October 14th, 2008

Coral Reefer Band member Nadirah Shakoor’s new album “Nod To The Storyteller” is out today!

Nod to the Storyteller is Nadirah’s tribute to Jimmy Buffett who for the last 13 years has featured her as a part of his show. Buffett fans (affectionately known as Parrottheads) have come to know and love Nadirah and claim her as their own. The CD includes Nadirah’s interpretations of popular Buffett songs like Margaritaville, and Volcano. Also notable are two duets she sings with him including Son of a Son of a Sailor and Eric Clapton’s When the War is Over.

Track List:

  1. Creola
  2. Why You Wanna Hurt My Heart
  3. Makin’ Music For Money
  4. La Vie Dansante
  5. Give Henry the Receipt
  6. Let Him Go
  7. Frenchman For The Night
  8. Margaritaville
  9. Open
  10. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
  11. Volcano
  12. When The War Is Over
  13. People Call Me Jesus
  14. Wonder Why You Ever Go Home

Preview each track below:

Order the album now through Mailboat Records or Amazon.com.

You can also download the album in MP3 format at Amazon.com for only $8.99!

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