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Buffett Performs Two Shows in Paris

September 22nd, 2008

Jimmy Buffett played two shows at the New Morning Club in Paris, France over the weekend. It’s the second year in a row that Buffett has played at the venue. Rolling Stone has an article on the shows:

Over the weekend, Jimmy Buffett helped kick off fashion week in Paris by bringing the Parrothead nation — decked out in grass skirts, coconut bras, Hawaiian shirts and goofy homemade hats — to the city of lights for two shows at the legendary New Morning jazz club. Loyal fans flew in from all over the world for the pair of intimate gigs that reminded Buffett of the “days when this was as large a crowd as we would see.”

Buffett described how he first came to Paris:

Buffett first came to Paris 34 years ago, at the behest of some friends in Key West, Florida, that were working on a film with a French production team. “Paris had been on my song line since I was a kid reading Fitzgerald, Gertrud Stein and Hemingway — I just had to figure out a way to get there,” he says. The movie needed a soundtrack and Buffett wound up spending the summer living in a castle an hour outside of Paris, “learning the language and the bohemian lifestyle.” He has been coming back regularly ever since.

View the set lists from the shows here.

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