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Buffett Plays Intimate Show on Long Island

September 16th, 2008

Last Friday, Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnally played an intimate show in front of about 200 people in Montauk, New York. Mark Bialczak of Syracuse.com writes on his blog about his friend’s experience at the show:

We went to dinner at this local restaurant that has been around for ages. There was an unusual flurry of activity and my friends said, ‘Some local band must be playing here tonight.’
“After we ate, we decided to walk outside and sit on bales of hay about 8 feet from the stage. Maybe there were 200 people under the tent… My buddy goes and gets me a beer and it’s ‘Landshark Beer.’ Now, I started to get suspicious.

“I look off to the side of the stage and I see Mac McAnally (from the Coral Reefer Band) with Kunkel, and Jimmy Buffett is standing right behind them. Buffett walks out on stage and plays for 2+ hours with no set list, just taking requests from the crowd. After the show there was a flurry of activity and I found myself face-to-face with the king of the Parrotheads for about a 5-minute chat.

“I told him that I was the idiot yelling out ‘Jimmy Dreams’ during the show . … He goes, ‘Man, that’s one of my favorite songs, and I was ready to play it, but I couldn’t remember the words.’ I told him that I asked my son to make sure they play it at my funeral and he said, ‘Wow, I hope they play it at mine too.’

Johnson e-mailed again to add that his good friend, former NHL player Pat LaFontaine, was part of his group of friends who smuggled him to Montauk.

“Pat thanked Buffett for playing the ‘hockey song’ (‘Boat Drinks’). Jimmy told him the story about how it was written in Boston after a particularly squirrely night with former Bruins star – Derek Sanderson. Buffett called Sanderson ‘a great wingman.’

“Pat invited Jimmy to come and skate with us some time on Pat’s backyard rink and Jimmy said, ‘Hell no, but I’d love to show you how to surf.’ Very cool.”

Read the entire blog entry here.

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