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Great article on Buffett surfing

July 1st, 2008

Hampton Style magazine has a great article on veteran surfers in Montauk, New York. It also has several great pictures:

Not easy to miss in his subtle new ride, a forest service-green Scooby-Doo van [pictured in article], Buffett pulls in grinning as a handful of comrades gather to gawk at the ultimate in solar-paneled, vegetable oil-fueled eco-cruising. Buffett maintains an enigmatic smile, unpacking his boards while sightseeing friends tour the van’s carpeted, cream interior. “How much is Crisco a gallon?” and “Do you smell French fries when you’re driving?” are just a few of the inquiries thrown his way.


But Buffett shakes his head. “You’re gonna get a few assholes wherever you go, but it’s pretty mellow out there. You’ll see people with boogie boards and kids, guys teaching and world-class surfers and everybody gets along; that’s the great thing about surfing here,” he assures.


“I’m not interested in having to go and do exercise; you put people in the water who haven’t paddled, and they know real quick how in shape you have to be to do that. We’re really having fun out there. I’ve lived here for 25 years over the summers, and I was lucky enough to pal up with a bunch of these guys. It’s just a real cool place,” Buffett states firmly.

“I’ve come out here on a Tuesday and it’s head-high break and there’s four people in the water. It’s just a luxury. A couple of months ago here, the buzz was out so I called Tony, and he said there was a swell. I had to get on a plane to go to Cannes in the afternoon but I just thought ‘I’m gonna go out.’ I came down and it’s all the people who don’t have real jobs, so there was only about five of us in the water. It was one of those days when the waves were starting there,” he points to the far left of the break, “and just long and clean, so I surfed for a good hour then I got on a plane, and I thought ‘This is the way to go to Europe.'”

The article is a great read. Be sure to check out the entire article here.

(hat tip to Matt for passing this along!)

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