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Soldier tells story of Buffett performing at Guantanamo

June 29th, 2008

William Henderson, an American soldier, tells The Celebrity Cafe the story of Jimmy Buffett performing an impromptu show at the United States Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba:

In late 2002 I was deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. We had done stateside training at Fort Bragg, NC and then on 6 December 2002 flew to the Naval Base there in Cuba where we were to perform our security operations. Upon our arrival we found out that Jimmy Buffett’s plane had made an unexpected stop due to mechanical difficulties and our first full day ended on December 7th in the hot and humid Cuban air with an impromptu concert performed by the original Parrothead himself! When I called my Dad to let him know we’d landed safely I did so while the concert was going on and Jimmy was only a hundred feet away. My Dad is a huge fan and was totally surprised to find me in such a situation. Later, Jimmy greeted us soldiers and I had a great time.

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