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News & Observer Preview of Raleigh Show

June 6th, 2008

The Raleigh News & Observer has a preview of Saturday’s show at Walnut Creek: “Jimmy Buffett is coming to town”

Buffett’s show sold out in less than a day when it went on sale in March. Walnut Creek used to be one of Buffett’s most reliable strongholds during the 1990s, when he would sell out two and even three shows a season. He has played there 20 times since 1991, more than any other act.

But Buffett hasn’t played Walnut Creek since 2002 — or in the Triangle since a 2004 show at the RBC Center. Wilson Howard, who books shows at Walnut Creek for Live Nation, declined to comment when asked why it’s been six years since Buffett’s last Walnut Creek appearance.

Whatever the reason, Parrothead Nation is just glad the hiatus is ending. The local legions have been gearing up for this show for months.

“We’re all very excited,” says Scott Ennis, who is helping to organize a preshow parking-lot party. “We plan to meet at 2:00 Saturday to get in line for the lots, which open at 3:00. It will be an all-day event, lots of Parrotheads there partying. Some are going just for the pre-party, and they’ll listen from the parking lot. Not everybody could get tickets.”

Read the entire article here.

(hat tip to Jahfin for passing this along)

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