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Buffett Attends Houston Dinner Party

April 13th, 2008

Jimmy Buffett attended a Houston dinner party on Friday night to honor artist John Alexander:

Few at the Hotel ZaZa dinner Friday night could have anticipated the entertaining barrage of praise, humor and gentle barbs continually lobbed at artist John Alexander.

It was, after all, a celebration of his remarkable career, a dinner for 135 that seemed absolutely intimate after the crush, estimates of more than 1,000, that poured into the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston earlier in the evening for the opening of John Alexander: A Retrospective.

Humor ruled at the dinner thanks to the continuous stream of remarks from Alexander collectors and pals such as Chevy Chase. Who needed time for table conversation, with Chase taking the microphone on three occasions (stumbling forward each time in his classic bumbling shtick) and with a host of other Alexander chums with something to say.

David Berg launched his playful tribute by introducing himself as Jimmy Buffett, the real star seated at a nearby table.

Among the many taking turns toying with Alexander’s image and/or praising him were Buffett, artist James Surls, collector Marilyn Oshman, 60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft, MFAH director Peter Marzio, and Timothy Eaton, who represents Alexander through Eaton Fine Art in West Palm Beach, Fla. Of course, Alexander responded several times, his relaxed and jocular nature adding to the fun.

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