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Article compares Buffett and Kenny Chesney

October 11th, 2007

The Hamptons.com has an article comparing Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney, entitled “Buffett and Chesney: Flip-Floppers and Five O’Clock “

One key element in the music of both Chesney and Buffett is the lifestyle they exude from the music and the stage. Buffett played the entire concert in t-shirt, yellow shorts and no shoes. Chesney wore flip-flops, forgoing the traditional Country Music staple footwear, boots. These are the guys you want around in the Keys (or on a beach in the Hamptons), with money to spend and time to spare. The second factor, only from a male perspective, is the quality of female fans that both of these guys attract. I have yet to see that many bikini tops, halter tops, and topless tops in the middle of New York City before.

Read the entire article here.

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