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Ralph MacDonald: TAIT (Part 3)

April 3rd, 2007

Time After Island Time welcomes back the World’s Foremost Precussion player, Ralph MacDonald for the third and final part on this series. This episode is the most important, as we get to really know Ralph MacDonald and his philosophy. We talk about the inspiration behind some of his songs and also about one that Buffett sang on Club Trini Late Night Live, “Come On In.”

Mr. MacDonald talks about what he likes to do when not on the road, the importance of physical fitness and being mindful of one’s health. He talks about music’s role as a language that everyone can understand. Mr. MacDonald really opens up on this episode, in a very serious way, but at other times light-hearted. Get a first-hand look into not only Ralph MacDonald the songwriter, producer, and performer, but also Ralph MacDonald the man. I learned a lot more from Ralph, than about music.

Hear Ralph’s solo music, his compositions he wrote as a youngster for Harry Belafonte, and some covered by other musicians. Also hear a rarer cut of Jimmy, Ralph and the Reefers jammin’ at a rehearsal.

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