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Play The BuffettWorld Fantasy Set List Contest

March 3rd, 2007

Play our Buffettworld Fantasy Set List Contest! Here’s how to play:

— If you’re not a member already, join our Discussion Board.

— In a reply to this topic, pick any 28 songs that you think Jimmy will play and the order he will play them at the first show of the Bama Breeze Tour (Houston April 21).

— You will receive 5 points for each song you get right, 5 extra points if you get the spot in the set list right. (I.E. if you pick Jolly Mon Sing as #17 and he plays it in the 17th spot, you get 10 points).

— After the first show the points will be totaled and the winner declared. Deadline to enter is April 20, 2007 at midnight.

Enter the contest now!

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