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Taylor Hicks Wants Fans Like Parrotheads

December 11th, 2006

American Idol winner Taylor Hicks wants to have the same sort of following that Jimmy Buffett has. He explains in an MTV News article:

Hicks kicked off a press tour last week and plans to launch a full trek at the end of February that will “hopefully last 10 years,” he said.

And he’s not entirely joking. After all, another one of his idols is road warrior Jimmy Buffett. “As a performer for so long you have this mentality of [wanting] everybody who comes to your show to be Parrotheads,” Hicks explained, using the nickname given to Buffett’s loyal followers. “The Parrothead mentality is like a gathering, a social event — it’s not only about the music, but it’s about the people you meet all over the country. That’s what I strive for as a performer: to have a traveling circus of fans.”

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