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Article on Warren and Jimmy Buffett

June 28th, 2006

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an article on Warren Buffett that contains a section about him and Jimmy: “All about Buffett — Warren, not Jimmy”

He is not believed to be related to musician Jimmy Buffett. But Warren’s sister, Doris, has tried for 20 years to find a genetic link. Jimmy calls him “Uncle Warren” and Warren calls him “Cousin Jimmy.”

They did travel together in 1983 to Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, which has a large population of Buffetts, who are descendants of men who participated in the 1789 mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty.

And Cousin Jimmy wrote a 2003 song having to do with Uncle Warren. Part of the ditty goes, “I bought Berkshire way back when it was cheap. I bought Berkshire way back then and I do nothing but keep…it.”

Berkshire Hathaway, a diversified company with major interests in GEICO, life insurance, annuities and jewelry, is Uncle Warren’s company. Subsidiaries include Fruit of the Loom, Dairy Queen, See’s Candies, Borsheim’s Fine Jewelry and World Book. Its 2005 net income was $8.5 billion.

Cousin Jimmy bought his first shares in 1989. As of Monday, the stock was selling at about $91,500 per share. The per-share price dropped $600 that day on news of Uncle Warren’s largess.

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