From Under My Lone Palm: “You Had To Be There”

October 30th, 2008

It’s time for the October edition of “From Under My Lone Palm”, a monthly column written by BuffettWorld contributor Justin H. This month’s column focuses on the 30 year anniversary of “You Had To Be There”:

October 2008 is important month in Buffett history. You see 30 years ago this month, Jimmy’s landmark live album “You Had to be There: Jimmy Buffett Recorded Live in Concert” hit record stores everywhere. Over the years, the album has developed a cult following among parrotheads old and new. You just never hear anyone say “I like x one of Jimmy’s live albums better.” And as we all know, there is plenty of live Buffett to chose from. So when I decided to write about it this month, a few burning questions hit me instantly: Just what exactly makes the album so magical? Why, eight live albums and counting later, is it still the best?

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New Column: “From Under My Lone Palm”

October 1st, 2008

Introducing a new feature here at BuffettWorld: “From Under My Lone Palm”, a monthly column written by Justin (you may know him as Bamafan).

So the last few weeks I’ve been struggling to connect with a certain member of the opposite sex. While I hopelessly try my hand at love, something I’ve always thought I was nowhere near ready for, I’ve looked for several sources of wisdom. One constant source of that for me has and might always be music. I mean think about it, you can always find a song for anything your going through in life. With that in mind, I started thinking about Buffett music and what that had to do with my great struggle for the love of a particular woman. And as I was enjoying the “Fruitcakes” album, I realized that Jimmy has addressed this issue more than you might think over his career.

Read the rest of “From Under My Lone Palm” here.

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