Lucy Buffett to be on Today Show this Monday

July 25th, 2008

Jimmy Buffett’s sister Lucy will appear on the Today Show on NBC this Monday (July 28th) to discuss her cookbook “Crazy Sista Cooking”. Lucy is the owner of Lulu’s at Homeport Marina, a restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

There will be a watch party at Lulu’s from 8-10 am on Monday that includes a complimentary continental breakfast. Get the details here.

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Update – The Press Register has more:

The sister of singer Jimmy Buffett said she will be on the air during the 9 a.m. hour, when she will be featured in a three-minute cooking segment.

On TV, she’ll prepare the tiny Wee Burgers that are favored by her youngest patrons and showcase a pre-prepared sampling of L.A. (that’s “Lower Alabama”) Caviar. The latter is a signature LuLu’s dish comprised of black-eyed peas, various peppers, onion and cherry tomatoes, among other tasty ingredients.

“It’s exciting” being on TV, Buffett said on a summer afternoon from the bar at LuLu’s. “Sometimes I get a little nervous, but then I think, ‘Oh, heck. I am just going to cook.’ Hopefully, it will sell books.”

“Crazy Sista Cooking,” which features more than 150 of Buffett’s favorite recipes mixed in with tales of life in Lower Alabama, is a self-published book. Recently, book distributor PGW signed on to give the full-color volume greater exposure.

“We’re getting ready to run another 40,000 books,” Buffett said. “Hopefully, they will do well. If not, they will just be around LuLu’s for a while.”

Many of the dishes featured in the book are served every day on the LuLu’s menu.

“Almost all of them are LuLu’s recipes,” Buffett said. “I figure it’s not like they are big secrets. If you want to go and make an oyster loaf, I am sure you can do as well as I do. I want to make sure people enjoy the food, but I’m not sure that’s the whole reason people love LuLu’s.”

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Lucy Buffett Orders Second Printing For Cookbook

March 3rd, 2008

Lucy Buffett, sister of Jimmy Buffett and owner of Lulu’s at Homeport in Gulf Shores, Alabama, has ordered another 10,000 copies of her new cookbook after the first 2,000 went quickly. WKRG TV has an interview with Lucy about “Crazy Sista Cookin”:

“I always wanted to write the book.” she told News 5’s Bill Riales. “I started with that little place on Week’s Bay and I genuinely thought that I’d sell a lot of beer, I’d cook a few cheeseburgers and a pot of gumbo and I would sit on the porch and write my cookbook.. I really thought that, and it was not to be.”

It turned out the restaurant proved so popular, especially after the move to Gulf Shores, that Lucy thought she might have to give up her dream of writing it. But seeing the heart of the eatery, the kitchen, and the rest of it could run without her there all the time–the book started to take shape once again.

She says, “Iniitially I just thought if I sell it at LuLu’s it would be fine–that’s what it started as. I’ve been wanting to write this book for a long time and it follows the dishes we serve here at LuLu’s and those dishes come from my personal experience or they’ve been borrowed or adapted from either friends of mine or family.”

Buffett says she’s gotten word the book has reached readers in Minnesota, and Michigan, New York and California–and lots of points in between. Only two months after its release, she’s already ordered another ten thousand copies–and expects to order more. And just in case you’ve already devoured the stories and recipes in this one–Lucy says she’s still got plenty of tales left to tell and is already planning a second book.

A portion of the proceeds from ‘Crazy Sista Cookin’ will benefit one of Lucy’s pet projects, art education in Baldwin County Schools.

Check out the entire interview with Lucy Buffett here.

Order “Crazy Sista Cooking” now, which includes a foreward by Jimmy Buffett.

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