Come On In

by Jimmy Buffett, Ralph MacDonald, and Bill Salter

Appears on the album “Club Trini: Late Night Live”


Oh the High Road
Took us long and far and fast
Just like the Wind blew
But we knew it couldn’t last
So we went our separate ways
It was not our time or place to settle down
Oh, wisdom takes it’s time to come around

To the fall out of living day to day
I hear you call out in that old familiar way
It’s a signal from your heart
It’s a sign of love much stronger than before
So baby don’t just stand there in the door

Come On In
Come in from the danger
Come On In
Where the water’s calm
Come On In
Feel your Grin were not really strangers
Just want you to know
This ain’t no Cloak and dag of show
It’s a waterfall of love just overflow

It’s amazing how
Both of us have changed
Just like two children
We have only come of age
Now the circle’s getting small
No time to play that game of win or loose
Let’s give it one more shot what can we loose

Repeat Chorusx4